If you’re going to be a gorilla be a Silverback

We started work with Silverback and it’s founder Matt Watson back in the summer, initially with the naming and branding process all the way through to the product launch and promotion this Christmas. Silverback [...]


Rivington Pike – A guiding light

Some projects we have to work hard to generate stories, with Rivington Pike however, there was no such conundrum. Richard, our client and owner of the business had an incredible story to tell. In short, [...]

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The Great TPS Poster Project

Client work is always first and foremost for us, but as creatives we always need to keep growing and expanding. That process of discovery and creation is fundamental to keeping us engaged and on our toes [...]

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PF+A – Form, Function + Fun

It has been The Potting Shed’s pleasure to work with PF+A Architecture for the past few months, helping them develop their new website and exploring their brand through a variety of mediums as they [...]


Wheadon’s Gin

Wheadon’s Gin is a handcrafted work of art distilled in very small batches using traditional copper alembic stills (hence the copper foil in the labels). It is infused with locally foraged and sourced [...]


Innovest – Investing in change

It’s always an enjoyable process designing brands for companies with truly inspirational offerings and Innovest Advisory is definitely one such company. Founded and managed by Justin Sykes iA is [...]

Welcome to The Potting Shed 

We’re an award-winning full service agency who believe in the craft of design and its ability to elevate messages. Everything we strive to produce stems from the balanced belief of creativity and practicality in equal measures. It’s about looking at things differently and finding “a better way” – about adding value to our clients businesses. Creating this edge keeps us (and our clients) coming back for more. Anyway, enough talk here’s some recent work from our portfolio…

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Design in China, Made in Jersey

We have recently been involved in a great project for Jersey and internationally based RMB.exchange. We were tasked with unravelling the delivery of what is a rather complex concept of the access to the [...]


Quackers about Hockey

We are incredibly proud of our newly TPS-sponsored ladies team in Jersey who have won their first league game 3-1. Jolly good.


Explore The Virtual Shed

Take a virtual 360 tour of our Guernsey office without even saying hi. Posted by G.

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