Sum things up at The Shed

The Potting Shed is looking for a bookkeeper who can engage and work alongside a vibrant and interesting creative studio. The job will involve a number of job elements such as customer and credit control, [...]


Design with Character

We have been working closely with Park to generate their ‘League of Extraordinary Career Shapers’ characters. Looking at the work they do and the amazing work they do for their candidates it [...]


The Drawing Room Brand

The Potting Shed were recently lucky enough to undertake Rachel Rogers’ new brand identity for The Drawing Room and roll out into a few offline and web elements. We built a rather neatly architected [...]


The Delectable Collectables

This project has been a long time in the making for a whole host of reasons but we’re really pleased with the way it came out. Long standing client Jersey Post commissioned us to design and illustrate [...]

Rosso 3

Glorioso Rosso

As many of you will know, Rosso’s big brother Red Grill House and Cocktail Bar, just next door has been producing great steaks, wine and cocktails for the past three years.When Red owner and restauranteur [...]


OSA:ITV Player

OSA recently commissioned a 30 second ITV player advert which we have really enjoyed animating OSA:ITV. It’s currently live so hopefully you’ll come across it. It covers their range of service levels [...]

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Welcome to The Potting Shed 

We’re an award-winning full service agency who believe in the craft of design and its ability to elevate messages. Everything we strive to produce stems from the balanced belief of creativity and practicality in equal measures. It’s about looking at things differently and finding “a better way” – about adding value to our clients businesses. Creating this edge keeps us (and our clients) coming back for more. Anyway, enough talk here’s some recent work from our portfolio…

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On my recent trip (excuse the pun…all will become clear later) to London I was, as always, humbled by the level of creativity and design happening. Yes…I was being a typical Hoxtonite or wannabe [...]

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Bus Shop Bus Repeat

To support our Shop Jersey granny campaign we also designed up some nice 3D type Bus adverts. You’ll see them flying round Jersey.



Our client Shop Jersey (an initiative from Jersey Business to promote people in Jersey spending their pounds in Jersey and on the high streets) approached us with the brief to resize their logo for the [...]

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