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Don’t make Alan angry

The Donna Annand Melanoma Charity is a fantastic organisation set up in the memory of a local Jersey resident who sadly passed away aged only 29. They contacted us looking for an instructional video to [...]


What’s chifornie morning glory?

We were commissioned to design a set of stamps as part of the 2014 Europa ‘National Musical Instruments’ theme and allocated the chifournie as the islands instrument of choice. Chifournie is effectively [...]


“Whole-ly” Trinity

After being let down by a string of UK agencies, the fine fellows from Augusta Ventures in London contacted us on Christmas Eve wanting to instruct an agency that could develop a brand and strategically [...]


Moroccan Roll Out

Another brand we are incredibly proud of – Moroccan Minerals. It’s still in it’s early days but we have helped Fabian get their team colours off the ground. Moroccan Minerals is a mineral deposit [...]


Witness the fitness

The Potting Shed were approached by successful entrepreneurs Pascal Corcoran and Simon Webster to develop their Personal Training app and product suite. The protagonist is the app, which can be used by [...]


A feat of meat

This is the second of two restaurant brands we have been working on for Fermain Valley Hotel which, although part of the hotel, are both very much stand alone offerings. As a venue that serves not only [...]

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Welcome to The Potting Shed 

We’re an award-winning full service agency who believe in the craft of design and its ability to elevate messages. Everything we strive to produce stems from the balanced belief of creativity and practicality in equal measures. It’s about looking at things differently and finding “a better way” – about adding value to our clients businesses. Creating this edge keeps us (and our clients) coming back for more. Anyway, enough talk here’s some recent work from our portfolio…

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30 Bays / 30 Days

We would just like to celebrate with Lizzie Stonebridge, the massive success that was 30 Bays in 30 Days. A brand new initiative which was the brain child of our good friend Lizzie. Basically, swimming [...]


Friday Night Social

On Friday we had a social night & some of the Blix team joined too. It was an awesome night filled with lots of yummy food, and perhaps a few too many cocktails. Ed and Tommy from the shed couldn’t [...]

CIC CIC News article

Shedding creative light in London

Our very own Jay Aylmer (Creative Industries Guernsey Committee member) represented the Creative Industries Guernsey along with Andrew Carey at a recent top level meeting concerning UK government Creative [...]

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