Innovest – Investing in change

It’s always an enjoyable process designing brands for companies with truly inspirational offerings and Innovest Advisory is definitely one such company. Founded and managed by Justin Sykes iA is [...]


Work yourself fit

Here’s a few ads we did for The States of Guernsey to help inform the public and employers of the health benefits of having a happy and well nurtured workforce along with some changes in legislation [...]


Alias – Well Crafted

“Would you come out to Switzerland and taste lots of beer then work on the design and brand for my new craft beer?” “Nah, we’re really busy at the moment” The actual answer was yes. (whilst [...]


I Start

Every now and again work we produce doesn’t get the chance to see the light of day, so we thought we would show you one we are very proud of. I-Start was a brand identity as part of a local organisation [...]

Park - where's your Happy Place? x

Work Happy :)

A new and Happy campaign for Park in Jersey. Where’s your happy place? More roll out work to come soon!

cc think pink hp

CC Think Pink

For Collas Crill, introducing new employees and updating staff on news from other jurisdictions is important, but internal newsletters are often boring and very often unread. The team at Collas Crill [...]

Welcome to The Potting Shed 

We’re an award-winning full service agency who believe in the craft of design and its ability to elevate messages. Everything we strive to produce stems from the balanced belief of creativity and practicality in equal measures. It’s about looking at things differently and finding “a better way” – about adding value to our clients businesses. Creating this edge keeps us (and our clients) coming back for more. Anyway, enough talk here’s some recent work from our portfolio…

oh & don’t forget our microblog

Close up portrait of cute teenage girl with long red hair and healthy freckled skin, wearing blank white T-shirt, standing against gray concrete wall. Cropped portrait of young female. Home interior

Pooh and Pals

Sometimes a working week of creativity just isn’t enough. I felt the need to create some illustrative type one evening and developed these seemingly meaningless 3 letter abbreviations that become unmistakable [...]

ronseal ad

Like watching paint dry…

Technology has created an ever connected world, with 140 characters conversations and information overload we have adapted to consume information in a hectic and frantic way. In reaction to this shift, [...]


Adverts are coming to Google Maps

Google Maps might start to look a little different as Google are trialling promoted pins. According to Google a third of mobile searches relate to location. Heres what Google have to say. “We’re [...]

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